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If you are looking for a new hunting bow, then Parker Bows have a great selection of compound bows and crossbows available for you. These are excellent performing bows that can typically be found at an affordable price. Some of the popular models that you might be familiar with are the Ambusher 28 compound bow and the Cyclone Express 175 crossbow. Both are great hunting bows made by Parker bows and will greatly improve your hunting abilities.

If you are looking for a Parker compound bow, then the Ambusher 28 is for you. This is a great bow that is very functional and reliable in the field. It is fairly light weighing in just under three and a half pounds.

You can buy the Ambusher compound bow with a string suppressor and roller cable guard. This will help you minimize vibrations for a more accurate shot. This will also make your bow less noisy so that you can effectively stalk your prey. You can also customize your anchor point with this bow, because it has a solid drawstop in the cam system.

If you want to get yourself a Parker crossbow, then you need to consider the Cyclone Express. This is one of the fastest crossbows available on the market at 340 fps. It's about 21 inches wide and weighs in at just over 8 lbs. You can easily maneuver and hunt with this crossbow.

Another nice feature of the Cyclone Express is that you can completely customize the bow to your likings. You can change things like the dual palm swell location or change the vented forearm position. There are also several safety features incorporated into this crossbow including a safety finger flange.

The company believes in Parker bows so much that they typically offer a lifetime warranty on their bow hunting products. They are also well known in the industry for providing wonderful customer service. If you get into contact with the company, they can help you with any problems with your hunting bow.

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